Working with App Artwork

Your app’s artwork is a vital component in making your app look awesome and appealing to your user base.

Not only have we done the heavy lifting for you by providing you with several layouts per plugin, but we’ve also created a file that contains all the necessary templates for your app icon, loading screens, background images, carousels, and plugin icons.

Download it here.

Pro Tip 1: Free, High Quality Photos

Did you know that you can get amazing, free photos that you can use for your app? Well, you can! Check out our friends at the following links. They update and upload new images regularly so check back often for new photos.

Pro Tip 2: Design

Did you know that there’s a simpler and free alternative to Photoshop out there? It’s called Canva and it’s totally free to use!

Pro Tip 3: Media Library

When working with images in your app, you’re going to be utilizing the Media Library quite a bit.

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