Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to communicate instantly to your user base

With our Selective Push Notifications, you’ll be able to send your message to the right users at the right time by creating groups (or channels) to which the users can subscribe.

Keep in mind that push notifications are a premium feature, so if you do not have them, you’ll need to upgrade.

Creating Groups

Create groups based on the interests that your users have. Some examples might include: Daily Deals, New Menu Items,

This allows them to subscribe to various groups and get targeted push notifications.

Creating a Push Notification

  1. Click “Send Push Notification”

  2. Give it a title

  3. Select a group

  • Note: If you want it to go out to everyone who has the app, select “All Users”

  1. You can send it now or schedule it for later

  2. Click “Add”

Once you’ve added your push notification, you do not need to click publish in order for it to be sent.

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