How to Use Dropbox with the WebView plugin

One of our most versatile plugins is the WebView plugin. Basically it allows for pretty much any website or link to open up in your app while still staying within the app. If you were looking to open up a PDF file within your app, the best way to do that would be through Dropbox.

First, you’ll have to add a WebView plugin.

Add a WebView Plugin

Go to Plugins then Add Plugin.

Search for the WebView plugin then click Add Instance.

Name your WebView Plugin. We recommend naming it after what you will be linking it to.

Then you’ll have to get the DropBox link and input it into the Webview Plugin.

Link Dropbox Link in WebView Plugin

Go to Dropbox and click on the Share button next to the file you’d like to link to.

Copy the link.

Back on Appchai, paste the Dropbox link where it says URL then click validate. A check mark should appear on the preview screen to the right.

We’re almost done! The Dropbox WebView plugin exists within your app but it’s not accessible yet since we haven’t added a plugin instance anywhere yet; we’ve only created a plugin instance.

Add A Plugin Instance

Go to Launcher Plugin and click Add Plugin Instance.

Search up the name of the plugin instance you created, check mark it then click on Apply.

Now your plugin instance should show up on the launcher plugin!

Congrats! You’ve just placed a Dropbox link into a WebView Plugin. Download the Appchai Previewer to check it out before you publish.

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