Getting Started – Two Minute System Overview

Welcome to our overview. If you’d like to get more in depth training on any component of the system, check out our other tutorial videos and documentation.

Ease of Use

One of the components that makes our app builder so incredibly easy to use is it’s intutitive nature. This means:

  • You will see your changes take place on the emulator in real time

  • You can navigate through the emulator itself and you will see the editor update.

  • You can navigate through the editor by clicking “Launcher Plugin” or “Plugin Instances” and you will see the emulator update.


This is where you control:

  • Your home page or “launcher plugin”, which is the first plugin instance that your users will see

  • Your branding such as your app icon and loading screens

  • Your color theme.

Media Library

This is where you can upload images and use them anywhere in your app. When you upload images, the system will automatically scale, crop, and compress your images for you based on your layout selections

Creating Plugin Instances

  • Add Plugins

  • Think of “Plugins” as a feature that you can add to your app

  • To create a new plugin instance, click “add plugin” and give it a title

  • Think of “Plugin Instance” as an occurrence of this plugin. So you can have as many instances as you want of any given plugin.

Once you’ve created your plugin instance, you can add it to your app by including it in the side menu, a folder plugin, or a launcher plugin.

Need more help? Check out our other tutorial videos and articles or contact us at

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