Folder Plugin Tutorial

Repeat after me… “Folders are my friends!”

Folders are an amazing way to categorize your plugins so that you can funnel your users to the content in an organized manner.

Example 1:

Let’s say you have a bunch of text plugins that deal with various policies. Instead of putting every single one of these text plugins on the side menu or grid launcher plugin (and making them crazy cluttered), you can create a folder called “Policies” and place the corresponding text plugins inside of it.

Example 2:

We’re pretty sure you have a few social media pages out there. Who doesn’t? Am I right? So instead of putting each one of your social media pages on your side menu or grid launcher plugin,you can create a folder called “Social Media” and place the corresponding text plugins inside of it.

Pro Tip 1: Folders Inside of Folders

Did you know that you can put Folders inside of Folders? Well you can! Let’s say you are using your app for a conference and you want to categorize all of your media, but you have different types of media that you also want to categorize (lectures, workshops, promo video/audio, etc.). You can create your corresponding folder plugins that deal with each of these media types and then create a mater “Media” folder into which you can place these other folder plugins.

Pro Tip 2: Using the WYSIWYG

Use the WYSIWYG to embed images, video, and forms. Check out the “Working with the WYSIWYG” tutorial video to get more information and best practices.

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